Plans to Shackle Industrial Action Have a More Sinister Purpose

You Are The Owner Of Your Own Labour

Don’t let the Tories tie you down

The right to treat one’s labour as a commodity; the right to organise; the right to collectively bargain with employers, and the right to strike were fought for with blood over many years. Margaret Thatcher’s government did much to diminish those rights and, in doing so, damaged and weakened the Labour movement – to the point where union power was not only brought to (in her view) ‘acceptable’ levels but to levels whereby unions find it difficult to counter bad employers at all. Union education has suffered, many young workers have been led to believe that unions were to blame for all the ills of this country and some of them, almost unbelievably, don’t even know what a trade union is, or does. The Labour Party, having dropped clause 4 and unashamedly weakened the supremacy of its own conference beyond recognition took a mammoth lurch to the right of center ground politics (a position it has never retreated from) to become ‘New Labour’. Wooing the aspirational middle classes instead of fighting for their traditional working class supporters became their route to power – power at any price. Now New Labour, constantly embarrassed by Tory jeers about being ‘owned’ by the unions “lock, stock, and block vote” have given in instead of having the guts to say “yes, and we support those trade unions. They were the reason for our birth” have begun the process of dismantling trade union links. Today’s Tory party however aren’t satisfied, and are proposing a new set of anti-union laws which even Thatcher’s government could only have dreamed about. If the Tories win the next general election in 2015 they have announced plans to make the organisation of  a legal strike close to impossible via a new burden of multiple red tape and a requirement that at least 50% of those eligible to vote actually vote, and in a secret postal ballot. If you are reading this and think it’s of no importance for you – perhaps you currently don’t belong to a union for instance – think again. If nothing else it is yet another blow dealt by this government to the democracy we live in. And the hypocrisy of it all too is absolutely stunning. The current Tory party have, effectively alone, governed this country for four years without an overall majority in the house of commons and what seats they did win were won from an electoral turnout of 65.1% for an event advertised, and fought over with huge TV coverage, for months. If you are an employee you, quite simply, must NOT allow this to happen. It will be yet another road for the classes of the political elite to tread on you, coerce you, and crush you. Anything else I would have to say is covered in this excellent blog from glynismilward189 : Plans to Shackle Industrial Action Have a More Sinister Purpose.

Justice Saunders Sentencing Remarks at the Hacking Trial

That the judge has to hold to a starting point of a two year sentence is bad enough but when one considers the complete moral vacuum which must have existed in the hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone alone, it is almost unbelievable that he (the judge) allowed Coulson any time at all for ‘mitigation’. 18 months is, quite simply, not long enough.

Justice Saunders Sentencing Remarks at the Hacking Trial.

The biggest threat to democracy since World War II – and they tried to keep it secret

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Corporate trade a-greed-ment: Notice that this image of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has mighty corporations straddling the Atlantic while the 'little' people - the populations they are treading on - are nowhere to be seen. [Picture: FT] Corporate trade a-greed-ment: Notice that this image of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has mighty corporations straddling the Atlantic while the ‘little’ people – the populations they are treading on – are nowhere to be seen. [Picture: FT] The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is bitter pill for anyone to swallow, if they have spent any time defending Britain’s membership of the European Union.

The partnership between the EU and the United States would open America to the kind of free trade deals that have been going on in Europe ever since the original Economic Community was formed – but there is a problem.

It isn’t a problem for businesses; they are in line to get a deal better than anything ever experienced in the world of trade. Citizens and national governments, on the other hand – you, me, and the people who represent us – will be railroaded.

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New Labour – massive fail

In 1997 the labour party ditched clause four. I predicted that day that I might never vote labour again. It wasn’t a threat or a promise, it was just a prediction made because it was obvious that this new breed of labour politics was going to be solely about gaining power, even if it meant selling our souls. My prediction proved to be right and I have been, effectively, disenfranchised ever since.

The country, from a working class point of view, is now in a poorer state than it was in 1997 – this in spite of the years of Blair/Brown (Labour) government. The truth is that to win power the (New) labour party has only one tactic it feels will work and that is to try to appeal to the aspirational middle classes. No matter how far to the right the Tory party move New Labour still woo the middle ground while both betraying and taking for granted their working class support. This has to stop.

Ed Milliband gives me the distinct impression that he knows champagne socialism is dead or dying, unfortunately he is a product of those politics and so he has no bloody idea of what to replace them with. The man also is quite clearly a buffoon, which doesn’t help.

He needs to step down, the party needs to swing back to the left and start positing policies which represent the traditional socialist voter. I would prefer to see a Labour party in permanent opposition but opposing effectively and from its roots than the homogeneous vote chasing machine which we have right now